torsdag den 17. november 2016

A mycelium is the rootnetwork of mushroom. It consists of hyphal troops which form a communicative web without a commander, without a spider. Displaying a sensebility and an interpretation of their environmental circumstances, they seek to expand and will eventually form a disc. It cannibalizes its own center, as too distribute their excess energy in their further attempt for expansion. Thus, when it births mushrooms above ground they might form a circle. Folklore called these circles fairy rings or witches rings (Danish) and regraded them as manifestations of occult and sacred activities. The fairy rings should still be considered sacred. The mycelium itself has no sex, however, the mushroom can have several thousand sexes. Likewise, the hyphal troops cannot be considered as individual beings, however the mycelium doesn’t form a singular organism. It is rather an open-ended and indeterminate dynamic structure, where the totality exceeds the number of beings. Like a black sun.
Creative lessons to be drawn from the mycelium:
Cannibalize your center – Get rid of the ego
Form at collective heterogenous communicative open-ended structure.
Distribute the excess energy to whereever the spoors or hyphal troops seek to expand.
Materialize in socalled sacred manifestations.

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