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Apparently Hidden / EXHIBITION / OPENING

  • Apparently Hidden

    Kristina Bengtsson
    Troels Emig
    Kevin Malcolm
    Lars Bo Nørgaard

    You are warmly invited to the opening of the exhibition Apparently Hidden 20th of September

    It seems to be a common trait among the human species to be concerned with a notion of the hidden, to look for something beyond the world as it presents itself to us, be that a divine masterplan, subatomic particles or the meaning of an object. This group exhibition, featuring four artists who daily share a studio space, investigates the implications of this common human trait.

    Opening: 20th of September 17-21

    The exhibtion will be open from 21st of September - 27th of September 12-17. Monday closed.

    Rådmandsgade 25, 2200 Copenhagen N

    Kristina Bengtsson primarily works with photography and text, but have the last few years incorporated sculpture. Her artistic practice is centred around ‘the image’ and its complexity and much of her work discusses the myth of the image/ photograph as a bearer of truth and as a witness of the ’definitive moment’.
    Kristina Bengtsson (1979) studied at Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK.
    Troels Emig works within a wide spectra of medias such as, drawing, photography, object, text and publishing. He works conceptually with different issues related to perception, as well as research in the use of fragmented narrative structures and different forms of representation. In recent years he have included site-specific thematics in his works.
    Troels Emig studied at the Funen Art Academy, DK & Kolding School of Design, DK
    Kevin Malcolm deals with the tensions between image and source, investigating the role of photography in the experience of space, place and history. Encompassing sculpture, photography, collage and works which fall somewhere between these definitions, his practice questions the construction and display of visual information.
    Kevin Malcolm (1979) studied at Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK
    Lars Bo Nørgaard primarily works with text, photography and object. His work is often a somewhat fragmented, yet still coherent, exploration of some aspect of what is usually referred to as 'reality'. Lately he has taken a big interest in themes such as conspiracy theory and alchemy.
    Lars Bo Nørgaard (1981) studied at The Academy of Creative Writing, Copenhagen, DK

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