onsdag den 21. august 2013

Not so much: Who are we? But: What are we made up of? And how does it work? And what do we make of it? And what use can we make of it? And what can we do with that? And should we? And why should we? Or should we not?

It’s ok to make parallels, parables, if relevant. It can certainly shed some light over things. And reveal the many differences in this thing we call our reality. That’s how we move, how we should move, through our lives, with our blind spots and occasional clear sights. Through forest and over beaches, over heaths and through deserts and cities, over mountain ranges and rivers, towards our eventual horizons.

There’s a ‘Z’ in horizon, I don’t find that to be a coincidence, at least I find it quite meaningful, even beautiful. ---- (figuratively with all its connotations, as well as phoneticly with all its connotations)  .

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