søndag den 2. juni 2013

På lørdag d. 8. juni:

  • HOUR PROJECTS, Rådmandsgade 25, 2200 København N
  • HOUR EDITIONS warmly welcome you to the launch of our first two publications:

    'No particular future in mind' by Kristina Bengtsson

    'Whereabouts Unknown' by Simen J. Helsvig.

    Kristina Bengtsson (1979, Lund) works with photography, and more recently sculpture, in a practice which is centered around a contemporary understanding of the image. Her work discusses the myth of the photograph as a bearer of truth and a witness. Her fifth publication 'No particular future in mind' is a double-sided work exploring a dynamic between words and pictures in the context of the romanticised North American road trip.

    Simen J. Helsvig (1981, Oslo) Graduated in 2012 from the MA Theory and Communication programme at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He operates at the meeting point between philosophy and art, with a particular interest in photography. 'Whereabouts Unknown' was originally performed as a lecture about a photograph of a sculpture. We are very happy to have collaborated with Helsvig to release it as a publication.

    Hope to see you on saturday for some conversation and refreshments.


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