søndag den 13. januar 2013

Søndag 13/01/13:

    • It is really happening for real! Tarkovsky Green has released my (probably best) record The Sunderland Valves, and we are celebrating the event next Sunday! (Note that it does NOT take place on Monday, as previously announced.)

      The good times are going to roll at Forsamlingshuset 5e: www.5e.dk

      There will be performances by Moongazing Hare and Teamforest, as well as a chance to buy the beautiful digipack CD in person.

      We hope to see YOUR beautiful selves in person, very soon! :-)

      Approximate schedule:
      15:00 - Come on in, we are open!
      16:00-16:40 - Teamforest (DE)
      17:00-17:40 - Moongazing Hare
      17:40-19:00 - Hugs, goodbyes, drinks and cleaning.


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