mandag den 21. januar 2013

Mysterieklubben. Skarreklitfoto og -snak.

Photo Copyright: Tor Jonsson


  • Mysterieklubben apparently there used to be a high pillar here but the sea ate it. look at the rings it makes. one ring for every year.
  • Mysterieklubben yes, it was called Skarreklit, and according to local folklore, it contained the holy grail of Holger Danske, who, also according to local folklore rest indside of Bulbjerg until the day Denmark is in perril. Then he shall wake up and be very frightening for the enemy.
  • Mysterieklubben p.s. during WWII the German army build a bunker inside Bulbjerg - Holger Danske was sound asleep. Apparently the Germans weren't a threat to DK.
  • Mysterieklubben is that a seagull in the upper right corner of the picture?
  • Mysterieklubben maybe. could be a piece of dirt too.
  • Mysterieklubben if you want it to. it would be quite the shit though by the looks of it, it would be larger than a seagull. Why do we always end up here by the way? Let's just decide it's a bird.
  • Mysterieklubben Nautilus. And a space probe.
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